sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Please, never go away.

I changed my life in a lot of ways after you're gone. Not for necessity or something, just because i needed to do. You are a bigger believer and I admire this; but somethings i think you believe to much. Nothing in this life is really easy, your life didn't will be different. You were my best friend so fast, and stoped to be so fast also. I'm not really good with words, talks and everything else. But i'm writing this again just to express my feelings about you. I fall in 'love' with you but i realise that this isn't love really; was just more compassion, friendship, support. You can accept this in good way or just can ignore like you always does. Still today i don't understand what makes you be apart of me, even like friend. I see what you write in the social medias and you seems likes beeing in a storm of emotions but you just can't trust in anybody to talk about this. I always show me like a friendly person who you always can come to cry or laught. It's strange for me write this now, and i guess is more than strange for you read this. But honestly i don't see any thing better to say this. I like you, of course like a good friend, and i expect that you can see this in me. Something i thought that you could liked me some time in the past. For me this is ridiculus, but can't be in real. We are so far away from each other, but really close at the same time. I know you can understand me; and if you don't, i just ask to try. Everything in life have a purpose, me and you like friends, or anything else has some reason. And deep inside me i can believe, like you are a believer, that someday we can meet each other also and all the doubts or things that we never have to think about us, will be resolved. I see in you a person who love too much that it's hurt, and it's beautiful. A little part of humanity can love this way, i think you have a gift from God or something like this. You have to enjoy this the better way as possible. We know a lot of people don't  love like you and they could make things making you feel bad , but you can change this in your heart like a really good thing to make you more stronger and faithfull about everything in the world. You can be every single thing that you imagine. Just imagine. Imagine you happy, with a girl or alone. With friends, or just with family. I bet that you can be more happy than ever, and I will be by your side every time you need me. Don't matter if i don't be where you live, or if i will be out of Brasil. Or if you will be out of this country. We can always find help and a good person to talk if we look for this. I'm glad that i found you and you accepted to be my friend. Even today we don't talking too much like was, i feel every time i need you I will have someone to listen me. Thank you very much for you time and your beautiful soul. You're an amazing person. Please, never go away again. And be happy.

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